The mission of the Boise State Writing Project is to promote literacy, not only for teachers, but for the public as well. This portion of the website has literacy links to assist people in their own writing skills. These sites also provide great ideas to improve writing for kids!

2012 Teaching and Technology Course Wiki
2012 Service Learning and Inquiry Course Wiki

Writing ideas

  • Fiction Friday: This site offers weekly prompts on Fridays. These prompts include creative ways to create characters, dialogue, settings, etc.
  • Sunday Scribblings: As its name offers, there are prompts given on Sundays. This ever-growing community of writers has been posting for about two years now. It is fun to read continued writing from specific authors, and you can post your writing, too!
  • One Single Impression: Still a young site. Offers poetry and picture prompts, often submitted by participants.
  • Writer's Island: This site offers weekly inspirational word prompts on Fridays and invites all styles of writing. It also includes some movie prompts for your writing pleasure! (A father/son are coworking the site).
  • Some of the Maine Writing Project leaders, like Andrea Fischer, have been doing some great work with student staffed writing centers. Here is a new resource for that kind of work!
  • Here's a helpful online resource prepared by Rich Kent, Director of the Maine Writing Project and author of A Guide to Creating Student-Staffed Writing Centers, Grades 6-12.

Teaching Poetry

  • Read Write Poem: Prompts, poet interviews, exercises to try, feature editors.
  • Totally Optional Prompts: This site features weekly prompts in different genres so you can try your hand at different styles & publish it on the site.
  • Cafe Writing: This site usually posts several prompts for the month (called projects).  Participants can post their works at this site.
  • Poet Bay: A place for web poets to learn about publishing or improving their works.

book clubs

Content Area Literacy Book Club

Boise State Writing Project is offering a course/conversation for teachers on Content Area Literacy.  The idea is to get teachers talking about, and recognizing, that literacy takes place in all classrooms, not just language arts.  Literacy is taught in all classrooms; how can we as teachers effectively promote literacy?

Teachers and administrators are invited to join the online and/or on-site school based guided discussion based on selected texts and teacher interest. Participants make take the course for credit, or just for fun. Study Guides can be found here, as well as a linkable discussion board.  Check back for more information.

Ecological Book Club

Cosponsored by the Northern Lights Network of the NWP and BSWP
Contact Nancy Knowles, Department of English/Writing
Eastern Oregon University


Northern Lights Regional Network

The Boise State Writing Project is a member of the Northern Lights Regional Network. This network brings together sites from around the Northwest to find ways to combine resources and bring quality professional development courses to teachers in rural areas.

Regional Network Member Sites

Boise State Writing Project
Boise State University
Jeffrey Wilhelm, Director

Northwest Inland Writing Project
University of Idaho
Rodney McConnell, Director 

Oregon Writing Project at Eastern Oregon University
Eastern Oregon University
Nancy Knowles, Director

Montana Writing Project
Montana State University
Heather Bruce, Director


The Boise State Writing Projects prides itself on partnering with local and national writing and reading groups. Some of our partners include the Log Cabin Literacy Center, Story Story Night, and Hemingway Symposium in Ketchum.

Project Citizen/Senior Project Info
A curricular program designed by the Center for Civic Education and administered in-state by the Idaho Human Rights Education Center, Project Citizen provides a practical, first-hand approach to learning about our complex system of government and how to monitor and influence it. Students work together to conduct research in their community in order to discover problems or concerns that they think the government is not handling at all or not handling well. Open this document for more information.