The purpose of the teacher testimony project is to collect the voices of teachers about how various reform efforts. cultural, community. school and classroom conditions affect the quality of instruction, student experience, and teacher lives. We are collecting one-page letters from teachers which we will share with legislators, service clubs and other members of the community.

We are partnering with two community organizations to support teachers, and even more importantly the students who we all serve. Please check out these two websites, each with an associated Facebook page that you can click to from the site:

Idaho Parents and Teachers Together: the group that formed to provide an alternative to Luna's Students Come First plan. They have successfully placed referenda questions on the ballot for next November to overturn the plan and provide a progressive alternatie. The group is conducting a survey that they'd like all Idahoans concerned about public schools to take. They'll use it to formulate ideas for school policy that will involve, hopefully, hundreds or thousands of people, unlike Tom Luna's plan which was written by a few power brokers.