Purpose: To give all former fellows a continuing connection to BSWP, participation at a level comfortable for them, and a way to do significant work and provide important service. To promote Continuation, Service and In-Service opportunities for Idaho teachers, and programs to promote student and community literacy.

Practice: Every former fellow will either be assigned to the Leadership Council itself OR will be attached to a Leadership Group, whose coordinator will be on the Council.

The Council will meet four times annually
1) Late summer, 
2) At the fall ICTE/BSWP meetings, 23 January, around the winter workshop,  
3) At the April orientation and reunion meetings. Members should try to attend at least three of the meetings, and send a substitute and/or reports along to any meetings they cannot make. (We understand this may be a challenge for those from far-flung places in the state.)

The Leadership Council members and their groups are charged with creating services or programs that create value for teachers and students in ways aligned with their designated area. Each group will receive funding at their request to undertake such initiatives. They are also charged with making the rest of the BSWP membership aware of programs, funding, possibilities for service in their designated area.

Leadership Council Members will serve a three-year term (except for a few initial members who will be asked to serve four or five years so that we will have staggered terms). During the last year of their term, they will apprentice a member of their leadership group to take over their slot.

Directors and Co-Directors

Jeff Wilhelm

Director of  Boise State Writing Project
Professor of English, Boise State University
Liberal Arts Building 211C
1910 University Drive
Boise, ID 83725-1525

Jeff has many multifarious interests. Professionally his interests include teaching, teacher research, creating collaborative inquiry curricula with students.  His intervention techniques and studies involve teaching with drama/action strategies, with technology, with visualization strategies, with inquiry environments, with various questioning schemes, discussion and group structures.  He has researched expert engagement in adolescent readers, and has extensively studied struggling adolescent readers.  He is currently studying the effects of inquiry environments on students and teachers, and is researching students who intensely engage with non-traditional texts typically marginalized by schools.

Personally Jeff loves the arts (reading, writing, movies, dance, theater and composing of all kinds) and the outdoors (backpacking, whitewater kayaking, rafting, nordic skiiing, mountain and road biking).

Jim Fredricksen

Co-Director of Boise State Writing Project 
Assistant Professor of English, Boise State University
Liberal Arts Building 101A 
1910 University Drive 
Boise, ID 83725-1525 

 After being a middle school teacher for 11 years in Ohio and Illinois, Jim earned his Ph.D. in Curriculum, Teaching and Education Policy from Michigan State University in 2008.  His dissertation, “You Know What I Mean?" National Writing Project Teachers Explaining Their Judgment: A Case Study of Teacher Rhetoric reflects his research interests of how teachers think and how they share their thinking with others. In addition to being an Illinois Writing Project fellow, Jim also earned a Masters in Writing from DePaul University, a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from North Central College, and a B.A. in English from Indiana University. As a Chicago Cub fan, Jim has enormous amounts of patience and hope.

Paula Uriarte


Senior High Co-Director of Boise State Writing Project
208.854.8584 (work)
208.841.5820 (cell)
Capital High School
8055 Goddard
Boise, ID 83704                                             

A Chicago native (Go CUBS!) Paula Uriarte started teaching at-risk middle schoolers at a private school in Pensacola, Florida.  She then moved to Boise and taught for ten years at Centennial High School.  She spent a year in the Meridian School District office as an Instructional Support Specialist, then moved to Capital High School where she currently teaches concurrent enrollment with Boise State for English 101, AP Literature and Composition and Creative Writing.  Her first love is her family which keeps her very busy, but she also loves to travel and write when she can.  She has authored several articles on teaching appearing in InLand, Eureka Studies in Teaching Short Fiction and English Journal.  She was an original Buzzwhooper in 2005 (Full Moon Goddesses :) and is excited to be working with the secondary fellows in providing professional development. 

Jerry Hendershot

2009-08-26 10-52-47_0161.jpg

BSWP Co-Director and Writing/Publication Coordinator
2005 BSWP Fellow
2006-07 Summer Institute Co-Director
Ceramics, Painting & Drawing 

Jerry has been working in Idaho public schools for 11 years, teaching classes ranging from Remedial Reading and Creative Writing to Ceramics and Communication Leadership.  He began his teaching career in 1995 as a Writing, American History/Culture, and Drama teacher at the Bydgoszcz Pedagogical College of English in Bydgoszcz, Poland.  After two years there, he returned to Boise and began his teaching at Eagle High School from 1999-2004 and then transferred to Timberline High School.  Currently, he teaches Creative Writing, Ceramics, AP 3D Design, Painting and Drawing at Timberline and operates as the BSWP Writing and Publications Coordinator.

Jerry received his B.A. in English from Boise State University in English with an emphasis on Writing in 1995. 

Proposed Membership 

All former fellows interested in Leadership positions, please contact Jeff or JimLinked to each person's name is the current leadership report.

Director: Jeff Wilhelm, MDWP '89
Co-Director: Jim Fredricksen '01 (IWP)
High School In-service Director:  Paula Uriarte BSWP '05
Southern Idaho In-Service Director: Frank Dehoney
Analytical Writing Continuum: Connie Van Sickle '08
Annual Site Management: Katie Rotchford '10
Common Core Standards: Rachel Bear '07
Content Area Literacy: Waylon Yarborough '09
Democracy Project, Social Justice, Writing for Social Action: Debra Smith, BSWP '07, Sharon Hanson '05
Eastern Idaho Regional Network: Barbara Mann '06
ELL-Liaise with ELL Network: Hester Comstock, BSWP '05, Dorota Hendershot, BSWP '07, Cecilia Pattee, '09
Financial Development: TBD
Gates Grant Common Core Standards: Andrew Porter '07
Holocaust Educators Network Liaison:  Kellie Hannum, BSWP '08
ICTE Liaison: Brandon Bolyard '09
Idaho Reading Association Liaison: TBA
IRA/IRC Liaison: Shanna Liles, '06
Monograph/Book Projects: Jerry Hendershot, BSWP '05
New Teacher Mentoring: Kevin Thienes '07
Northern Lights Regional Network Liaison: Melinda Kaserman '09
PAC/Legislative: Nikki Matthews, BSWP '07, Kim Brocke '08
Rethinking Teaching: Laurie Roberts '07
Rural Sites-Liaise with Rural Sites Network: Debbie Dehoney '06
Southern Idaho Regional Network- Frank Dehoney, BSWP '06 
Student Teaching/New Teacher Mentor Project- Kevin Thienes '06
Teacher Inquiry Communities – Frank Dehoney  '07
(also serve on South Regional Network, and help with Student Teaching Initiative/TIC project)
Technology Liaison: Dianne Ruxton '08, Samantha Mora '10, Rochelle Carney '10, Evin Fox '10
The Cabin Liaison: Sharon Hanson, BSWP '05
Urban Sites Network-  Sonja Ozarslan '08, Anna Daley '08