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For Teachers, By Teachers, About Teachers: Supporting Teachers to Support Students, Learning and Literacy

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Celebrations and News

Way to go Ramey Uriate for being a strong proponent of not only the Writing Project, but also of the Idaho Core Standards! Read more about how Ramey

incorporates the standards in The Idaho Statesman. Kudos can also be given to Ramey for being awarded Teacher of the Year at Heritage Middle School in Meridian!

Congratulations to our fearless leader, Dr. Jeffrey Wilhelm,  for earning one of the highest honors that can be given to a faculty member at Boise State University.  It is reserved for a small number of faculty who has made major contributions to their academic disciplines.

A reception in his honor will be held

Wednesday, April 30, 2014 from 4:00pm to 5:30pm in the

 Imagination Lab - Micron Business and Economics Building  
Room #2302

A short program will begin at 4:15pm.

Congratulations to Jeff Wilhelm  for his recent publication, "The Most Important Lesson Schools Can Teach Kids About Reading: It's Fun" published in The Altlantic in which he discusses how strong literacy skills can help kids get good grades and good jobs, but really, kids should learn the joy of reading.

In his recent Writing for Publication workshop, Jim Fredricksen shared a piece about an op-ed writing initiative of the West Texas Writing Project. It got me thinking "why not?" so I submitted a piece to the Idaho Statesman. While the editorial staff changed my title (and not to my liking - teachers, not the exam, are going to build critical thinking skills), the message remains intact; big changes are coming for students and teachers and patience and understanding is needed.

Jim really got those of us attending the workshop to think about voices for education and the classroom teacher's role. Why not us? If we don't speak for education and our students, whose voice will be heard instead? Consider submitting an op-ed or letter to your local newspaper and adding your voice to the conversation. 
Reader's View: New exam will help students build critical-thinking skills by 2013 fellow Micah Lauer.

Reader's Opinion Sharon Hanson (2005 BSWP Fellow): Education stakeholders should engage in critical thinking  In recent years, No Child Left Behind’s standardized tests, multiple-choice tests that only measure shallow knowledge, dictated what was taught in most classrooms. Phrases such as “drill and kill” sum up what happened to many students’ potential: Innate thirst for knowledge was exchanged for rote...

Thanks to our BSWP CCSS implementation team for all their hard work on working with the Idaho State Department of Education. Check out these implementation modules that "provide a coherent, detailed regimen of activities for use in districts that includes resources, goals, objectives, strategies, and detailed notes for trainers."

You Go!

Help spread the word about the Literacy Lifeboats initiative. As you can see the website is up and running and Teachers College has helped us set up this financial gift-giving structure so that donations are tax-exempt and handled with the highest professional standards. We encourage you to spread the word quickly.

Boise State Writing Project Continues our  K-12 Service-Learning Initiatives in Public Schools: 
Boise State’s thriving Service-Learning Program integrates academics and service for college students. Now, through work with the Boise State Writing Project, 85 Idaho teachers will carry the proven benefits of combining service with learning into their K-12 classrooms this fall. Read more about it in the article!

The Boise State Writing Project offers professional development workshops for administrators and teachers addressing the implementation of The Common Core Standards. The workshops can be modified and geared toward specific district needs surrounding the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Contact Paula Uriarte for more information

Would you like to learn more about BSWP? Download our flier, read, and then share!

 Upcoming Events

2014 Institutes:

Come see Boise State Writing Project teachers and other educators present on how they enliven required curriculum and work to meet the new CCSS through inquiry and service learning techniques, how they integrate teacher research and reflection techniques into their instruction, and report out on their own action research and other research projects. Student Union Building

Simplot AC Ballroom

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Introduction to Inquiry/Service Learning/CCSS: 5-5:10 p.m.

Teacher Table Presentations: 5:10-7:15 p.m. Reception!

Inquiry Institute: Unit and Lesson Planning for Meeting and Exceeding the CCSS·         

  • Interested in project-based learning & helping students create knowledge artifacts and social action projects that demonstrate and apply their learning?

  • Interested in learning how to ask essential questions, design instructional sequences, use discussion and questioning techniques, and culminating projects to promote deep understanding and application of disciplinary concepts and strategies while meeting the CCSS?

  • Pre-Institute: Saturday May 4, 2014 at Boise State University SUB- or via skype

  • The Institute: Monday June 16, 2014 – Friday June 20, 2014 at Boise State University

  • Follow Ups: Separate from the course, but attached as an extension to it, will be four follow up sessions throughout the year supported by the State Department of Education for the purpose of assisting teachers to implement the Core standards across the curriculum and to prepare for the SBAC assessments.

See our Flyer for more info!

BSWP Teaching for Social Justice

Never Again Is Now: Using Human Rights to Examine Ourselves, Our Communities and Our Humanity

Are you interested in:

  • using the history of the Holocaust to explore patterns of persecution and human rights violations throughout modern time?

  • connecting the Common Core Standards to your unit plans?

When and Where: Pre- Institute Saturday May 3, 2014, Summer Course: Monday June 16, 2014 – Saturday June 21, 2014 at Boise State University (Dorm check in will be available Sunday June 15.)

Applications Due *March 2014

Mathematical Literacy and Inquiry: Meeting the CCSS

Are you:

•Interested in how MTI principles translate to classroom instruction of a wide variety of mathematical concepts and processes applicable K-12?

•Concerned about the common core and how to build meaningful units that meet the CCSS for literacy in the disciplines?

  • Pre-Institute: Saturday May 3, 2014 at Boise State University SUB (tentative)
  • The Institute: Monday June 16, 2014 – Friday June 20, 2014 at Boise State University
  • Follow Up: There will then be one follow up session in the fall, to be arranged by the summer institute participants.
  • See our Flyer for more info

  BSWP is an affiliate of the National Writing Project and was established at Boise State in 2005. It offers programming throughout the year, including two annual conferences, a variety of courses and institutes, in-service series for schools, workshops and workshop series, retreats, programs for student writers and sponsored speeches and workshops with literacy experts. This past year, more than 1,000 Idaho educators received more than 30,000 hours of assistance.